A Special Brew

A Special Brew

By Sugar Lopez


I know that you're a little shy, But don't let that bother you; 'Cause I've got the perfect recipe.  For a very special brew!


The first few steps begin with you,

Now you really must believe...  For with a little confidence.  There's so much you can achieve!


So, first you take a cup of wonder,

Blend in a little adoration, Combine that with a dash of faith and let this be your foundation! Add a little splash of wisdom.  And a nice big shot of fun,


Then mix in a bit of starlight; soon the magic has begun! Stir in a little twist of hope, and a nice big dash of glee; A bit of luck and patience.


Will help make your destiny! Now just add a splash of truth and pour it all into a jar, then think about the one you love.  And wish upon a star!