President's Message

President's Message

By Leslie Spoone


Hello CCLVI Colleagues,


Happy New Year! I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Holiday Season.  We challenge ourselves to be good advocates for CCLVI and the low vision community and wonder how we can make a difference.  Many times advocacy can be accomplished through our day to day activities.


For example, we have been traveling through the fall season with meetings for ACB, CCLVI and family commitments.  As you all know, I really love working out and hate to go a day without exercise.


This can be very difficult when traveling. Each hotel has a different fitness center with different equipment and different levels of accessibility. 


I use to be frustrated about asking hotel staff to make modifications to the equipment and taking up their time.


Now I have learned through CCLVI to advocate for my right to exercise like any other guest of the hotel.  It has been very interesting to find out that most of the new exercise equipment is already accessible through universal design, and the staff is always willing to take the time to mark the treadmills and elliptical machines.   So find your passion and advocate for it.


CCLVI has followed its passion with the help of Donna Pomerantz and Zelda Gebhard and has successfully reached an agreement with the ACB Board of Publications (BOP) on a new set of Large Print guidelines. 


These new guidelines will be implemented in the January 2018 issue of the Braille Forum.


Our committees are working hard to plan next year's convention, select students for scholarships, and update our website. 


Christine Chaikin has been appointed the new chair of the Public Relations committee.


CCLVI would like to thank Mike Keithley for sponsoring this issue of Vision Access Magazine.  We had a special membership conference call in October and the CCLVI Board voted to keep three issues of Vision Access in 2018.


The "Let's Talk Low Vision" conference with Dr. Bill featured a discussion on weathering the Storm with Jim Kracht, and Doug Hall that was very informative.  [Read a review in this Vision Access.]


The next CCLVI Board meetings will be on January 3 and March 7 at 8:30 pm EST. Everyone is invited.


And remember to find your passion and advocate!


Best Regards,
Leslie Spoone
CCLVI President