Insights into Low Vision

Insights into Low Vision

By Bill Takeshita, O.D., F.A.A.O., F.C.O.V.D.


Are you trying to think of the best gift for a person with low vision for the holidays? We have the answer.


Insights into Low Vision is a perfect gift that will rovide information that will help children and adults with low vision to learn how to perform daily activities, study, and perform job duties more efficiently.  Insights into Low Vision is a book that was written by experts in the field of low vision.


The book is printed in large print and we also have a digital version for those who want to use their screen reading and magnification programs on their computer.   


Insights into Low Vision will inform the reader of the importance of having a doctor who specializes in low vision to design customized glasses to maximize sight for reading and other activities.


The book also describes the latest developments in tinted lenses to protect the retina from the harmful rays of the sun and specialized lenses that increase the contrast of what a person sees.


In addition, the book contains chapters that describe the benefits of auto-focus telescopic glasses, computer software that magnifies the text and reads the text aloud, cell phones that are able to scan books and magazines and read the text aloud, global positioning systems (GPS) to allow people with low vision to navigate and travel independently, and much more!


Insights into Low Vision also contains chapters with many tips to teach people with low vision to perform daily activities independently.   


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