Editor's Desk

Editor's Desk

By Mike Keithley


Welcome to the winter, 2018 issue of Vision Access.  Wherever the holiday train happens to be when you get your VA, here's to a happy season!


The holiday season seems to be starting so early this year that I wonder if goodwill and peace will be kinda blasé by the end of 2017. 


King says I've been drinking too much sour pesi-mist and needs to go to the dog park for some sweet opti-mist.  I'll do that when it's not raining!


Anyway, there's a lot for you to read here.  Leslie's President's Message brings us nicely up to date, we hear about an important membership dues notice, CCLVI and ACB scholarships are online, Sara Peterson gives us a wonderful profile of Zelda Gebhard, A "Chapter News" column is introduced, and Dr. Bill reviews Smart Glasses.  Of course that's not all, read on!


Ah, King brought me a bottle of Opti-mist.  It's sweet and fizzy with a bit of lemon, and I'm keeping it away from my braille display. 


And he told me about a new podcast called "Out of Sight Dragons" (enter that in your Victor Stream) that are stories of visually impaired dragon boat racers.