Chapter News

Chapter News

By Kathy Farina


The New York State Council of Citizens with Low Vision (NYSCCLV) meets once a year in conjunction with the American Council of the Blind of New York’s state convention.  There is a business meeting and then a program of interest to people with low vision.


In 2016, we met in Buffalo New York.  A low vision specialist informed us about how to protect one’s eyes from the sun.  He brought various types and colors of sunglasses.


There was a lively question and answer session and folks had an opportunity to try various glasses.


In October 2017, the convention was held in Utica New York.  There have been requests to start a support group for people with low vision.


After some discussion, it was decided to have a conference call sometime in January 2018. 


We will discuss dates, times and other pertinent details. 


The group will meet on a regular basis by telephone conference call.